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Use social media to increase website traffic

08 Aug 2018 07:40 AM

An increasingly large percentage of Australians are using Social Media platforms on a regular basis. According to Australia now has approximately 15,000,000 active Facebookusers, 9,000,000 active Instagram users, 4,700,000 active Twitter users and 4,500,000 active LinkedIn users, not to mention the multitude of other social media platforms that are used every day. This presents businesses with a huge opportunity to get in front of their target audience by implementing a social media strategy, but where do you start?

First thing is to understand that there is no "right way" to leverage social media as such. There are certainly ways that have more success than others, however the specifics will vary based on the goods and services you are offering, your target market, and your desired outcome. In other words, a company that is wanting to expand their customer demographic to include young adults by selling tickets to an event would have quite a different strategy to that of a company that is wanting to offer advice to their retiree clientele on ways to make the most of their existing investment. Sometimes developing the strategy can be quite daunting, especially for those that aren't avid social media users themselves. As such, if you need help in developing your strategic plan, Customer Consulting Group recommend taking a look at the events and services that KerwinRae provide. 

One factor that is common in a lot of successful social media strategies is to redirect traffic from the social media platform to somewhere that they can find more information and ultimately capture their contact details, so you can in turn communicate directly with them via email. A website is generally the best place to do that because, as I mentioned in my blog post about the importance of having a website, you have far greater control over the overall user experience on your own website, and can have specific landing pages with forms that capture specific details that will help you sell or service the enquirer.

Customer Consulting Group help businesses implement their social media strategies by leveraging tools such as Zoho Social and Microsoft Social Engagement that allow you to manage your social media accounts in one place, engage with your prospects and customers, as well as monitor keywords across public posts in multiple social media platforms. Below are some videos that give a high-level overview of some of the capabilities of these tools