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Complete digital signature solution for businesses

Zoho Sign is a complete digital signature app that allows documents (such as sales orders, agreement, contracts, NDAs and so on) to be sent digitally. Recipients can reply with legally binding electronic signatures, and those returned documents can be securely filed away – all without a single piece of paper required. 
Printing, mailing, and filing paper forms takes work and space – not to mention the effort involved with tracking them, securing confidential information, verifying they’ve been properly filled out, and (if necessary) photocopying and archiving backups. Zoho Sign frees up staff time and company resources by fully automating every step of that process. 

Since the early 2000s, digital signatures have been court-admissible in jurisdictions including Australia (the Electronic Transactions Act), the US (ESIGN Act), and the European Union (eIDAS). 

Once sent, documents can be tracked at every stage of the process, with alerts available so that reminders can be sent, forms altered, time extensions given, or recalls made – there’s a full audit trail for every copy of every document. Activity can also be analysed more generally; you can view an overview of all documents sent from an account or filter down through them by status, type, events, or history. 

Zoho Sign’s simple, intuitive user interface allows forms to be created and sent by non-technical employees without even the need for particular training. 
Configure workflows to make sure documents are sent in a specific order, verify that every field has been correctly filled out, and seamlessly transfer information from specific fields into other company databases. 

Customise visual aspects to reflect your brand – add your logo, change fonts and colours, even specify the domain they’re shown to be coming from. 
Sensitive documents are protected by military-grade encryption: AES-256 while at rest and SSL/TLS when in transit. Other security measures include blockchain timestamping, multi-factor verification, and audit trails. 

Fully integrated with other Zoho apps including Zoho CRM, Zoho Writer, Zoho People, Zoho Recruit, Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Forms, Zoho Creator and Zoho Flow, as well as third-party apps like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace/Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams and more. REST APIs allow for further integration with other systems. 

Native Android and iOS apps mean documents can be sent, tracked, and/or signed from anywhere.