Customer Consulting Group
  • Enabling Better Ways to do Business

    Customer Consulting Group provide technology-based solutions that help small & medium businesses find & nurture more customers, increase productivity and mobilise their workforce.

Find & Nurture More Customers

Online Presence
A professionally designed mobile friendly website and social media accounts to allow more customers to find and interact with you.
Social Engagement
Tools to identify what people are saying about you on social media and help you interact with them in an appropriate manner.
Customer Management
Systems that record information about your customers to help you provide them a personalised experience.

Increase Productivity

Email & Calendaring
Securely access your email & calendar on a range of devices, to ensure you can keep in touch with your customers.
Document Management
Easily store & retrieve documents with full version control as well as manage access rights from a secure cloud-based environment.
Human Capital Management
Provide staff visibility and management of shifts, tasks, leave requests as well as other key information in an easy to use app.

Mobilise your Workforce

Digital Forms
Replace paper forms and processes with efficient mobile business apps and forms to save money and time on data collection.
Electronic Signatures
Complete approvals and agreements from almost anywhere by uploading and sending documents for others to sign electronically.
Interact with others via voice, video & written mediums, as well as share files & screens, to minimise travel & maximise efficiencies.