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Tie your apps together, set yourself free.

Automate business workflows by connecting your apps with Zoho Flow. Build smart integrations to break the information silos in your business. Zoho Flow is an integration platform for effortlessly connecting web applications and automating complex business workflows. Create and customize integrations, adapt to dynamic business needs, and collaborate with your teammates to build centralized workflows.

Most modern organisations rely on a number of different applications for their processes and operations. An integration platform such as Zoho Flow enables those apps to exchange information without human involvement. Instead of having a bunch of apps doing their own thing inside organisational silos, with integration you get an organisation-wide information ecosystem. 

At its heart, an integration platform is a workflow engine: specifying when a workflow is to be executed (whether inside a single app or across a chain of them) and the steps needed to execute that workflow. It connects apps, pushes or pulls data between them, and makes the work happen. 

Zoho Flow employs a number of complex subsystems and methodologies, but all of that is behind an abstracted graphical user interface environment – it gives power without compromising on flexibility so that you can connect your apps in seconds without writing a line of code. 

  • Automate billing processes, marketing campaigns, task assignments, and other business workflows. Send templated emails from your customer relationship management system, email invoices from accounting apps, create tasks, set up event reminders, make entries in time tracking apps, and do a whole lot more. Relieve your staff from repetitive work such as email and data entry that would otherwise take hours every day – save employee hours and prevent errors.
  • Logic allows you to create contextual workflows with if/then conditional decision branches to choose which action to trigger. 
  • Pre-built flows let you get started right away. 
  • Webhook triggers mean you can receive data from a wide range of services in multiple formats including JSON, form data, and plain text. 
  • Rerun failed tasks any time to take control and set things right. Review earlier versions of a flow in detail to trace and identify errors. 
  • Integrates with Asana, Slack, Gmail, Trello, the whole Zoho suite, and more than 500 other apps. 
  • Stop digging through different application interfaces to see how your processes work – Zoho Flow’s dashboard gives complete visibility of all Zohoyour processes and metrics in a single place. See live, paused, drafted, executed, successful, and failed flows.