Customer Consulting Group
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    Customer Consulting Group offers a unique employee experience including flexible working conditions, multiple career paths and a truly supportive environment to help each individual solve problems and learn new skills. 

"I feel trusted to do my job and am treated with respect as a fellow person with his own aspirations and ideals. CCG gave me my work-life balance back."

- Ruan, Senior Developer

Whether you are trying to get your foot in the proverbial IT door, or looking for a seachange after a stint int he corporate world, CCG has a place to offer the right fit. 

"CCG got me started in IT and I've loved every minute! There's always something to work on or learn and even the busiest days end in a good laugh with the team." 

- Cate, Consultant

We also offer a Graduate program called 'Accelerated Pathways'. If you are a student looking for some experience and who would like to earn money while you study, click here to enquire. 
Accelerated Pathways