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Generate & convert more leads with seamless marketing automation

Zoho Marketing Automation is a multichannel software solution with features designed to ease the marketing process and generate sales-ready leads.
Zoho Marketing Automation is an all-in-one marketing automation tool that helps you successfully manage marketing activities across multiple channels. Generate more leads, convert them into customers, and retain them longer – Zoho Marketing Automation is a single place to influence, educate, and engage the people you do business with. 

From initial audience engagement through closing a sale and keeping the customer happy for repeat business, most companies use various tools in their business development pipeline. Zoho Marketing Engagement integrates those to give you a complete picture of the process. 

A web assistant sets goals so you can understand how visitors navigate your website. The drag and drop journey builder lets you personalise customer experiences based on their behaviour. Send out email, social media, and SMS campaigns; qualify them by setting scores and assigning tags, push them into automated workflows, and retain them through engagement avenues like surveys and webinars. 

The descriptive dashboard will show you at a glance where you are in every respect – a one-screen overview that can be drilled down from for detail as needed. Use the planner to schedule activities or reports – know what’s going out when and what’s happened in a given period. 
  • Use touchpoints to discover where leads came from, and lead attribution reports to help comprehend the conversion process. 
  • Engage offline event leads with online nurturing – market to people who’ve attended your physical or virtual events in a way relevant to their attendance. 
  • Tagging lets you enter and remove prospects in your campaigns. Track how they’re moving through your site and score them based on progress. Assign sales efforts to the most relevant leads. 
  • Simple, fluid user interface allows anyone to set up a campaign and embed it in their site with minimal training and a short learning curve. 
  • Reach out to customers with surveys, events, webinars, social media campaigns, SMS campaigns, and more. Send targeted, personalised email campaigns.