Customer Consulting Group

Keep your website visitors coming back

08 Aug 2018 09:20 PM

Attracting repeat visitors on your website should be a key part of your strategy to find more customers. This way you can keep people up to date with your latest news as well as present prospects with multiple opportunities to engage and become a customer. 

One attraction method is to create a blog that inspires people to return regularly and review the latest posts; Another is posting on social media with links to pages on your site where they can learn more; similarly, you could leverage a slightly more traditional method of email marketing also with links to pages on your site. 

Posting on social media often delivers great results, however, it is somewhat reliant on a bit of luck from a timing perspective. If your subscribers become busy shortly before you make a post, and don't happen to catch up on their social feeds for a day or so, the likelihood of them seeing your post is pretty slim, unless they are actively searching for your content. Also, the public nature of both social media posts and blogs mean that the messaging can't usually be personalised for a specific individual. Email marketing on the other hand, allows you to provide a personalised message and will generally remain accessible for the intended recipient to view later even if they have been busy for weeks. However, to send someone an email, you firstly must capture their email address, and consent to market them. 

Common ways of capturing email addresses include allowing visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, as well as completing a "Contact Us" form on your website. You could also promote additional content, such as a white paper, that is only provided to people that complete and submit an online form. 

A lot of the time these web forms provide a structured format for the visitor to enter their information, however, when the form is submitted, it is transferred through as text within an e-mail. This means that someone then must manually extract the information and put into a marketing database, spreadsheet or CRM tool before it can be used effectively. This is not only inefficient, but also leaves room for error.

At Customer Consulting Group we help clients improve the process of capturing data from their website visitors by implementing Zoho Forms. Zoho Forms not only stores the data in a structured way for improved retrieval and reporting but also integrates with other applications such as Zoho CRM and to increase productivity even further. In addition, the rules engine, wide range of field types and multi-page structure enable businesses to build sophisticated yet easy to use forms that allow you to capture even more data about your visitors which in turn will enable you to provide a more personalised customer experience.