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Improve website visitor conversion

03 Aug 2018 07:57 AM

Having a successful campaign that drives traffic to your website is only one part of the customer journey. You now have what a lot of people think is one of the most difficult tasks ahead of you... Converting someone from initial discovery into active consideration.

Traditionally companies have utilised tactics such as banners, pop up windows and special offers, to entice buyers to progress through the buying journey, however, as buyers become more educated, and the market diversifies, buyers often seek more information to help them make their decision. FAQ's can service this to a degree; however, there are only so many questions and answers that you can think of in advance. And buyers in general are under more and more pressure to get the answers they seek as quickly as possible, so they don't want to be searching through a whole heap of text to try and piece the answer they seek together. Ideally they want to ask a question and be given a specific answer. "Well they can always pick up the phone" you might say, and yes that is true, however, people are becoming less and less inclined to do so, especially if it's just a quick question.

This is where a live chat facility on your website can help. 

In essence, as people are navigating through your website, they are presented with an option to connect directly with someone that can answer their question immediately via a chat window.

This sort of service not only pleases your website visitor, because they are able to get the answers they seek in a shorter period of time; but, it is also a cost effective way for you to service your customers.

If a customer calls you, each person in your business that answers that phone call can only service one customer at a time. On the other hand, an experienced agent can typically service 2 or 3 people at a time with relatively fast accurate responses through live chat. In addition, with capabilities such as automated language translation, agents can service people from all over the world!!

Customer Consulting Group help customers setup this capability on their websites utilising a tool called Zoho Sales IQ. And guess what? They actually have a version of this that is completely FREE!!

Watch the below video of a happy Zoho Sales IQ customer to learn about some of the benefits that they have experienced by using the platform.