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The Business of QR Codes

QR codes store data using patterns arranged in a square grid. These patterns can be scanned and translated into human readable information, with the help of your smartphone's camera.

Customer Consulting Group can help you to customise the actions of your QR Code needs so you can create a safer, hygienic and more efficient environment for them within your business.

2020 has moved our world forward faster then expected, pushing us into a digital era that extends from the phones in our pockets to the payments we make when we shop. 

We are now seeing the need to register entries in cafes, log your name down at many shops you visit and even avoid cash transactions where possible. 

It's where the future was headed, but we got there a lot sooner then we thought we would. 

That's why Customer Consulting Group has decided to find ways to make it easier for the smaller businesses who don't have the resources to implement huge changes very quickly. The small to medium business who are run off their feet trying to stay afloat in an economy our generations haven't seen before. 

Enter QR codes. 

They have been around for a while, but now we are using them to fuller potentials with bookings, registrations, online forms and payments and we are even able to integrate results with your other software so you may records customer or lead details.

Convenience. Affordability. Social Safety.

Contactless Trade makes it easier for you to track your foot traffic, as well as manage your marketing, income, business interest and public feedback.

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Check In

Set up a check in service for visitors to keep track of everyone entering the premises.


Guide registrants to an online form to complete to register for an event.


Provide patrons with a QR Code for your service to scan to match booking information.


Conduct market research, satisfaction surveys or COVID related questionnaires upon entry or exit of your premises.


Create actions upon scanning a QR Code that directs potential customers to your desired advertisement or webpage.

Share media

Provide guests/clients with a QR Code to complete training/safety videos before partaking in activities. 

Using QR Codes is an excellent way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading within your workplace. Customer Consulting Group will work with you to guide you through how to make your business more COVIDSafe where possible.