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Truly Mobile CRM

By - Cate
09 Mar 2020 03:45 PM

Zoho CRM, on my mobile?

Zoho has developed the perfect connection between you, your desk and your business with CRM Mobile. It's advanced design and interface gives it an ease of use that will allow you to see what you need to, when you need to and can even keep you going while you're offline. 

The mobile version allows you to access contacts, leads and accounts on the go, view contact histories, schedules and keep on top of your meetings. 

You can collaborate in real time with your staff, colleagues and clients, so you don't miss a beat and closing a sale doesn't rely on being at your desk or lugging around laptops. 

This means you can shorten the sales cycle, close more deals faster because you have more accessibility. 

Here at CCG, we know the importance of thinking and acting on your feet in the rush to beat the competition. We think Zoho CRM has created a solid option to achieve this and can help you get it optimised to perform at its peak for your unique business and needs. 

We are all about enhancing our customer's experience, you know that! 
That's why we have decided to endorse Zoho CRM Mobile. Because we use it, we know it and we can make it work best for you.

Here is a cool feature for you to check out: 
In the app, click on Map View 

See the blue dots? Thos are the clients in your area. Now you can reach out and catch up with them, maybe even make that extra sale to reach your KPIs this month!