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Your Online Presence

By - Cate
02 Apr 2020 09:35 AM

We've been thrust into a new world of working, where do we start?

We have all, in some way or another, felt the effects of COVID-19. Whether it be on our families, our businesses, our finance or our mental health, every person on the planet has dealt with the pandemic’s adversity.

However, there has also been some hope to rise through to everchanging struggles.

People are banding together to assist those more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19. The environment has had a chance to breathe from the endless effects of population growth. We’re looking out for one another’s health as well as our own. Our dogs are getting so many walks!

Though we are in the thick of what could be months confined to ‘lock down’ living, I’d like to think more about how we will come out the other side, with an economy that survived hardship and learnt a few lessons about smart business.

It is a time where we can reflect on our preparation, diversification and our ability to adapt to change as smaller companies. Ask yourself ‘Have I done everything in my power to stay in business during this economic crisis?’

The reality is, not all of us will make it. But we will all have new opportunities to build from so long as we take the time to wise up and take an attitude of ‘what we can do, we will’.

I have compiled some thoughts and ideas built from experience and market research that may help you to come out of this challenge having learnt what your business can cope with, where to save time and resources and ultimately how to work smarter, not harder.

Today we focus on online presence.

So, you’re online, now what?
Are your customers able to reach you easily? Is your booking/checkout system too cumbersome to be a competitor? Are you customers experiencing the same level of care online as they were in store?

Many people believe that ‘going online’ takes away the personal customer experience. Many feel they’ve been forced into a world they don’t feel comfortable with.

What they don’t understand is that the online experience, when done well, can be as important as a first impression. An easy-to-navigate webstore, simple filtering functions, seamless checkout process and several payment options means you have truly considered the customer experience within your online presence, making them feel valued simply because it was easy to buy from you.

Now we have time to focus more on our online presence, we should be considering what mattered to your customers in store and transferring this to your online shopfront.

Did your bright, fun window displays draw people in? 

Your website should reflect that same colourful flair.

Did the free tea or coffee in the waiting area give you an edge over competition? 

Throw in a free treat in your shopping cart that has similar financial impact to you as that hot cuppa did in store.

Maybe it was the homely familiarity of seeing your face that gave you loyal customers? 

So, fill your online presence with photos and language you would greet them with so they can still feel connected. 

The most important takeaway here is don’t let yourself be forgotten.
But this means you need to adapt.

There is also many great tech options that can make this process really easy for you. My favourite is Zoho, it is by far the most comprehensive and well-rounded suite and has a range of apps that can help you to build up an ecommerce website, easily manage inventory and help you to market your brand on all social channels from one page. You don’t need to know how to code to use it, just how to market to your target (and don’t forget CCG can provide the expert touch if you need to go the extra mile or your just feeling stuck).
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