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Customer Consulting Group has a diverse skillset across integrations, implementations and support that we apply to the technology and solutions we use. 

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Zoho's huge range of products means we are able to assist with one, or the entire suite depending on the core needs you have. You tell us what you want, we make the right recommendations to truly fit together your business jigsaw puzzle.

Business Management App

We provide a service that is catered to your needs. From configuring your emails for the professional finish, to customising an app that runs your business on-the-go. We can discuss your needs and how to best apply our software skills to get the best outcome. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

With highly skilled consultants working with Microsoft CRM for many years, we can build complex solutions to assist your business to grow faster and gain traction in your market, leading to higher profitability with less effort. 

Microsoft Office 365

We can configure the entire Microsoft Office Suite so that it seamlessly integrates with your business processes. This will help to unify your communication, documentation and give you a higher level of professionalism that gives you edge over your competition.


We can help you to eliminate paperwork by creating mobile forms that can be filled out and finished online, in the palm of your clients hand. We will help you to create surveys, tests, contact information forms, subscriptions and data collections as you need.


We can assist to build customised online documents that your clients can sign and deliver without ever picking up a pen. We'll create beautiful documents that you can quickly send and receive back signed, eliminating those frustrating waiting times of paper trails and snail mail.