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    Customer Consulting Group provide educational events that are aimed to help businesses learn how to leverage technology to achieve their business goals faster.

Navigating the New World of Working

We know Australians are at their best when they stand together as a community. But how do we do that when we are strongly advised to keep apart?

We are in a confusing time right now; something the current generations have not seen before and as a society we aren't really sure how to respond most effectively.

However, what we do know is:
We need to be on the same page as our fellow humans more then ever.
We need to support local businesses to survive the situation.  
We need to stay calm and focus on our health and well-being, not only physically, but mentally too as we adjust to uncertain circumstances.  

In light of this, Customer Consulting Group are delivering online information sessions designed to help small and medium businesses leverage technology to successfully make transitions to work remotely. Below is a high level summary of each of the sessions. We will be holding the series repeatedly over the next few weeks, so if you miss one session, don't fret! You can catch up on any session and attend at times that suit you better. 

How to Work Effectively
from Home

This session covers topics such as 'How to set up a productive working environment in your home' along with demonstrations of how to utilise technology within Microsoft Office 365 to communicate and collaborate effectively with your team regardless of their location.

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Staying Safe, Staying Profitable During Tough Times

This session covers topics such as 'Delivering services to clients remotely' and 'Processing orders with little to no human contact'. Zoho Sites, Zoho Forms, Zoho Commerce and Zoho Showtime is the technology stack that will be demonstrated to show you how.

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Continuing delivering trade services whilst 'Social Distancing'

This session covers how trades and services businesses can reduce site visits for quoting and provide a quality service to customers without having to interact with them face to face by leveraging technology such as ServiceM8. 

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Communicating with Customers Remotely

This session outlines ways to regularly keep in contact with your customers and remain top of mind without meeting in person. Customer Relationship Management tools such as Zoho CRM along with Social Media management tools such as Zoho Social are demonstrated to bring the strategy to life.

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Managing Support Requests from a Distributed Workforce

This session covers how IT support personnel can keep on top of the increased workload that has eventuated as a result of setting up the entire workforce to work from home within a very short period of time. Use of Zoho Desk and Zoho Assist are demonstrated to showcase practical examples.

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Accelerate Your Business: Coming Back Soon

The in person 'Accelerate Your Business' sessions have been put on hold whilst we adapt to the recent government regulations and recommendations. However, we want to make sure that when the restrictions are lifted, that we will be able to provide you with education that is relevant in an environment that helps you succeed. 

As such  we would love to hear from you; please fill out this quick survey to share your thoughts.

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